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Dear Friend of the Civic League,

During the Civic League of Greater New Brunswick’s seventy-five-year history, no event has threatened the organization and its community more than the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated viruses crisis. The serious damage inflicted by the pandemic has crippled student learning in our economically challenged neighborhoods and is ongoing. This “new norm” has forced the League to alter how it continues to serve its student community.


The Civic League has been hard at work adapting to the ever-changing environment posed by the COVID-19 virus. Our organization has developed a number of solutions to ensure that we can continue to serve our community in the best way possible. We understand that adapting to the conditions at hand is vital in order to provide the same level of support that our community expects of us. Despite the obstacles posed by this virus, we are proud of our efforts and remain committed to meeting the needs of our community as they arise. However, despite efforts to ensure our programs continue to run, the Civic League is faced with the challenge of providing resources needed for our in-person extended-day education programs. These programs are a vital source of support to students of New Brunswick which we serve, with more than 184 elementary and 124 secondary-age children relying on them. With the resources we have, we are making our best efforts to provide quality services to our student community. Yet, these programs need more to meet the standards we consider essential

For more than seventy-five (75) years, the League, Central Jersey’s oldest professionally staffed Civil Rights organization, continues to seek new partners in advancing novel approaches to current and emerging problems, while working with its established funders/partners in strengthening current program activities. Please consider supporting the League's efforts by clicking the PayPal link, or sending a check payable to the Civic League of Greater New Brunswick.

On behalf of the Civic League’s Board of Directors, staff, and students we serve, we thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

                                               Caroline B. Pozycki, Chairperson                                                  C. Roy Epps, President/CEO

                                               Benefactor Supporter                                                                        Benefactor Supporter

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