Dear Friend of the Civic League,

During the Civic/Urban League of Greater New Brunswick’s seventy-five year history, no one event has threatened the organization and its community more than the current pandemic crises. The New Brunswick community and the state is currently in a continual semi-shutdown operational environment. This “new norm” has forced the League to alter how it continues to serve its youth community. Currently, the League conducts extended day services to 180 New Brunswick public school students through a virtual classroom environment three days a week. It has been discovered that this year’s holiday season only worsens the enhanced mental anxiety among the youth population.


As we continue to operate in a pandemic virus environment, the Civic League remains challenged to serve the New Brunswick area community. The struggle continues for most non-profits to keep their programs services; this can be overwhelming and challenging in this present atmosphere. However, the demands and outcry for continual help of the students and parents we serve is exacerbated by the continued need for physical safety; fortunately, virtual communication is the new way of delivering services. Human services agencies and organizations are required to offer more services with less money; in many cases, an almost impossible task.

For more than seventy-five (75) years, the League, central Jersey’s oldest professionally staffed civil rights organization, continues to seek new partners in advancing novel approaches to current and emerging problems, while working with its established funders/partners in strengthening current program activities. To support the
Civic League’s efforts, please use PayPal or send your check payable to the Civic League of Greater New Brunswick.

On behalf of the Civic League’s Board of Directors, staff and students that we serve, please consider this year-end appeal for financial assistance. Thanking you in advance for your support and generosity.

Caroline B. Pozycki, Chairperson                                                  C. Roy Epps, President/CEO

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