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 Our core belief is that everyone should have access to the best possible education and housing regardless of race or ethnicity.


Dr. Epps (President/CEO) presents Intercede Scholar, Z. Hunter, with the C. Roy Epps Scholarship.

Who We Are 

The Civic League of Greater New Brunswick is a not-for-profit community-based organization, operated to strengthen African American families and other minority family groups. This is accomplished by advocating, promoting and providing community-based services that empower families and improve their quality of life.

What We Do

​The Civic League supports and conducts programs in the areas of education, training, mental health support, employment, housing advocacy, and economic support with the aim of enhancing the stability and growth of families within their communities. This aim is accomplished in conjunction with corporations, human service agencies, churches, community organizations, schools and volunteers.


Summer Ambassador Students (2022) at the Turtle Back Zoo.


Summer Program Staff and Participants at 2022 Summer Luncheon.

Our Mission & Vision

The genesis of the idea of addressing the most critical issues confronting our youth, in particular black youth, comes from the feeling that we may be leaving African Americans behind in view of the fact that educators, politicians, business leaders, etc. are addressing the issues affecting “Minorities” or “People of Color.”  In this spirit, there is probably legitimate reason in addressing the problem from a universal perspective or approach, but we must be careful not to ignore the data and reality of African Americans and their plight, especially in light of the changing demographics in New Brunswick and in the nation.

 A solid, successful approach to addressing the issues of African American youth becomes a model for a successful approach to addressing the issue as it affects other cultural groups.  Remember, the good thing about this approach is that it doesn't eliminate the League’s overall approach to addressing quality of life issues for all people in New Brunswick. The focus on youth could be an important addendum to the League’s mission.​

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