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Middle School Extended Day Programs

The Civic League of Greater New Brunswick is committed to fostering students' success by promoting and providing innovation, enriching, and challenging educational experiences with the support of families, school, and community. The Middle School Extended Day After School Program operates as in person homework assistance, tutorial, and monitoring services for students and families.  There is a focus on implementing the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) activities by grade level, each trimester.  Students will explore computer basics, graphics, music, and team-building with an emphasis on character building activities.  Students will research their desired careers and will be exposed to role models in specific career areas.  All students will be able to participate in community-based services to help others through a variety of different projects.

 Locations & Hours*
  • New Brunswick Middle School (3:00-6:00pm)

*Programs end at 5:00pm during Daylight Savings Time

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